Artificia turf roll 45 mm - Enia

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Surface area
2 m
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Shipped 16 July

*Minimum length 2 mt and maximum length 25 mt


We have been producing our artificial grass entirely in our factory in Italy for over 20 years. Our artificial grass surfaces are the result of the most advanced Re-turf technology, 100% Made in Italy, recyclable and sustainable. The different heights of the pile and the rolls in width of 2 or 4 meters allow us to satisfy all the needs of our customers. Highly draining and with low maintenance, our artificial grass surfaces are perfect to add a touch of nature to your outdoor and indoor spaces recreating a feeling of well-being all year round. A safe area for your children and pets.

Our artificial grass is certified by special laboratories to guarantee a product free of heavy metals, phthalates and biocides. They are also certified to be UV and chlorine resistant for a green garden all year round.
Their high drainage capacity and the special ReTURF technology allow our artificial grass to be used in all weather conditions and to be totally recyclable at the end of its life, for an evergreen space to enjoy in total safety.

With a height of 50 mm, ENIA can give you the garden of your dreams. The special zig-zag weaving allows a higher fibre thickness and guarantees a multi-directional distribution of the pile for a messy and lush look very similar to natural grass. Made in Italy and 100% recyclable, it is made from a combination of straight and curly yarns with three shades of green and one beige to ensure an ultra-real effect.

Minimal maintenance: our artificial grass does not need watering or cutting.
Easy installation: our artificial grass can be installed effortlessly directly by you.
Customization: you can choose the type of artificial grass that best matches your needs from different pile heights.
Resistant to footsteps and atmospheric agents, our artificial grass does not discolour in the sun and does not deteriorate with high temperatures (see manual of use and mainteinance).
Safe for children and animals as it is non-toxic and hypoallergenic.
Natural appearance to the eye and soft texture to the touch.
Highly draining product.
100% recyclable product thanks to the Re-turf technology.

EXCELLENCE MADE IN ITALY: For more than 70 years, the yarn of the finest materials is transformed into quality products though the most advanced textile technology put at the service of creativity. Thanks to the complete control of the entire production chain, every stage of the textile creation represents an opportunity for constant improvement and innovation.

SUSTAINABILITY: We are deeply connected to the territory where our production plant has been located for more than 70 years, a green valley in northern Italy to which we want to give back resources, not take them. This value guides us in everything we do, from selecting partners that share the same vision to finding new ways to reduce consumption while regenerating value. We act now for a cleaner future, where our growth generates a positive impact on the world we inhabit and care for. We create innovative products woven with passion to last over time. We use traceable and high quality raw materials to ensure the best products on the market.

Our artificial grass is 100% recyclable and sustainable thanks to the use of the most innovative Re-Turf technology. Furthermore, all types of artificial grass are 100% Made in Italy and are produced in our factory located in Bergamo.

Installing our artifical grass is very easy. Download the manual with all the instructions regarding the preparation, the installation and the maintenance of your artificial grass. Follow the instructions of our experts for guaranteed results that last over time.

The artificial grass needs a few routine maintenance activities but should not be overlooked. Check periodically the surface of your artificial grass and remove any eventual pollutants such as leaves, seeds or dust. If any four-legged friend is present, be sure to clean and sanitize any dirty area.

CSI Recycable Plastic
All our synthetic fibre products are certified “CSI Recycable Plastic”. This certification is issued after meticulous analysis by the CSI body, who has been working in Europe for over more than 50 years to certify recycled and recyclable products by ensuring their quality.

ISO 9001:2015 E ISO 14001:2015
Our plant has obtained ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certifications that demonstrate an ongoing commitment to improving environmental performances and quality products. These certifications are voluntary and constitute an important tool of control for a company organisation that aims at continuous improvement.
rappresentano uno strumento, volontario di autocontrollo e responsabilizzazione per un’organizzazione aziendale volta al miglioramento continuo.