Lay Me Down

by Francesca Vizzari


The exception that confirms the rule, of the rug

1.    a person or thing that is excluded from a general statement or does not follow a rule.

When we say "feeling at home."
It is hard to imagine what really makes us feel at home.
It can be a color, a detail or a habit.
We often look for the feeling of home everywhere.
And if a scarf can accommodate our desires for comfort in clothing, in furniture we might give this role to the rug.
But what if we used said rug differently?
The exception that confirms the rule, of the rug indeed.
Not one, but two, three, in different forms, overlapped and mixed.
Let's try to think unconventionally.
There are many ways to use rugs, today I want to propose the Mix & Match.


Play, have fun, don't be afraid, Mix!
Dare, the world is full of banality.
Side by side, on top of each other, perpendicular and parallel. Like towels spread out in the sun or like important tapestries.



I guess it is not an easy path so I will help you take this journey in the simplest way, an easy win if you will.
Let me explain, if we want to "investigate worlds" but we are afraid of making mistakes or overdoing it there is a secret I can
share, an ABC.
Don't push it too far.
Use similar materials, maybe different textures, or ton on ton colors, and above all design, think, take notes.
Look around, where do you want your rug?
On the wall? On the floor? How many would fit if you wanted to follow this bizarre yet inspiring suggestion?
Take a pen and paper, mark the measurements of your room, and consider.


Imagine the color mix that best suits you and the setting (never forget the setting).
Help yourself with tape paper or paper templates to see if the size of the carpets you have in mind are proportionate to the context.
Look, evaluate, walk out of the room and go back in to see how it looks.
If you're a bit handy with the computer you can also do a mock-up, here's our proposal as an example, the SIT-IN proposal.
At least for today, creativity is known to travel fast.


Two rugs with intense graphics, one with a softer design and two solid colors.
Sober colors for a modern, elegant effect with some character.
One more step?
I find this mood ideal in rooms where the sofas are light, from cream to gray, as well as beige and taupe, I would enrich
it with materials like stone, wood and minimal design.



And here's your reminder, I'll take you to the end of the journey and show you what we talked about,
because without substance, ideas go nowhere.


There is no one way but many, the beauty of this path we are taking together is certainly
to get out of the usual patterns and take the most hidden alleys. So many unexpected glimpses still await us.

Francesca Vizzari for Sit-In.

Interior Designer and Stylist specialised in colour design and the chromatic harmony of environments.
Born in Brescia, she works locally and nationally, and for some years now has been creating a format dedicated to remote projects. Happy Home To You.
An 'almost' total white house.
A lazy workaholic and creative pragmatist, this is how she defines the oxymorons of her life. She designs, plans and writes.