The season that cuddles you

by Francesca Vizzari

Moodboard Autunno

Alternative colour trials to get out of the usual moods

When we say autumn, what do we think of?
We think of red leaves, of the soft jumper on our skin, strictly camel-coloured, we think of the morning dew.
Cuddling the cat while watching her yawn, how beautiful cat yawns are.
We can't help but think of a warm blanket, Scottish of course, if we have to think classic let's do it all the way.
Then coffee, hot, steaming, intense. 

Moodboard autunnale


I'd like to try to turn these suggestions into a palette. To match them with a mood.
I would suggest a monochrome palette with a dull red, from Verona red marble to a cherry wood or similar (not used much these days, but found in many well-kept houses from the 1990s-2000s).
I would match tobacco and rust-coloured velvet cushions and a long-pile rug in a solid colour. 
Too intense? Too bold?
We could also think of recreating the same feeling of cosiness and softness in a soft way, through more neutral tones, ranging from ivory to cappuccino.
We could choose a slightly variegated brown marble as well as a walnut wood, more ash and contemporary than the previous one.
The cushions (among my favourite furnishing accessories) I would choose ivory and caramel, I love geometries especially when combined with solid colours. The perfect rug in this case is a Ton Sur Ton like Macchia Linee.

Macchia Linee






But what if we wanted to be a bit daring, to take a step forward by designing a room that has all the characteristics already mentioned, but going outside the usual patterns?
You can, of course, you must not improvise, in these cases getting help from a professional is the best way, or, read thematic blogs written by someone who can guide you in your choices.
Let me try to show you what happens by keeping the rust and camel base and enhancing it with an even deeper colour like blue. I insert a dot of turquoise into the palette, not too much otherwise everything becomes unbalanced, in jargon I call it "accent", I often use this term.
Then some amber metal like copper, in the accessories, and a lot of fringing.
It seems a banal detail, but between a traditional cushion and one with fringes everything changes, a bit of opulence doesn't hurt.
In this case I am also thinking about a patterned rug, breaking the mould with elegance is possible, I have included the round rug with a Corallo pattern.





The resulting combination is warm, soft and slightly cheeky.

Turning it into a palette this would be the overall result:


Not wanting to overdo it, I also considered a couple of plain-coloured carpet proposals. CLOE is the right product, in the colours Terracotta and Teal.
You can touch the softness of the silk effect and be embraced by its unique comfort.
Elegant and delicate, with a pleasant writing effect, the CLOE carpet collection embellishes the home with its personality.
Its versatility, combined with comfort and design, make it the perfect complement to furnish many rooms in our homes.


Francesca Vizzari for Sit-In.

Interior Designer and Stylist specialised in colour design and the chromatic harmony of environments.
Born in Brescia, she works locally and nationally, and for some years now has been creating a format dedicated to remote projects. Happy Home To You.
An 'almost' total white house.
A lazy workaholic and creative pragmatist, this is how she defines the oxymorons of her life. She designs, plans and writes.