Why is SIT-IN sustainable?

Sustainability is a philosophy we adopt in every aspect of our work. We are committed to a production process based on continually reducing the consumption of our resources without compromising the quality of our products.

We love our home

We are deeply connected to the territory where our production plant has been located for more than 70 years, a green valley in northern Italy to which we want to give back resources, not take them. This value guides us in everything we do, from selecting partners that share the same vision to finding new ways to reduce consumption while regenerating value.

We take care of our company

For the past ten years we have entered a sustainable path that has led us to modify our production processes to save energy, reuse water and waste, and implement our plant. The most recent investment will allow us to install 25 thousand square metres of photovoltaic panels to save the environment 700 tons of CO2.

We create recyclable and regenerable products with love

Each of our synthetic articles can be recycled or even completely regenerated to give life to new fibres in a continuous loop where waste becomes a treasure to be re-discovered and shaped into different forms. For our organic articles we use New Zealand wool, which is characterised by environmentally friendly production that is constantly monitored by the New Zealand Wool Testing Authority. Together with various partners, the farmers work with the aim of passing on a more sustainable world to future generations.

We use superior raw materials and craftsmanship methods to create durable goods

We ensure that all the raw materials we use to manufacture our products are safe, traceable and as close to us as possible, boosting the local economy and relying on partners selected for their sustainable ethic and guaranteed quality. All textile products woven from our looms are checked and finished by hand to create a solid, long-lasting product that doesn’t have to be replaced in a a few years, thus generating new emissions.

Certified sustainability

All our synthetic fibre products are certified “CSI Recycable Plastic”. This certification is issued after meticulous analysis by the CSI body, who has been working in Europe for over more than 50 years to certify recycled and recyclable products by ensuring their quality. Our plant has obtained ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certifications that demonstrate an ongoing commitment to improving environmental performances and quality products. These certifications are voluntary and constitute an important tool of control for a company organisation that aims at continuous improvement. ISO 9001 refers to the quality management system whose primary goal is the customer satisfaction, while ISO 14001 is an environmental management system, the aim of which is to pursue the continuous improvement of its environmental performances.

We act now for a cleaner future, where our growth generates a positive impact on the world we inhabit and care for.