Warm up your spaces with Sit-in Rugs


In the current market, the increase of the gas price and the consequent increase of the bills are putting a strain on households all over Europe, constantly looking for alternatives to reduce energy consumption and consequently costs.

How can we consume less and save more?

This is a question that we should ask ourselves every day, looking forward to sustainability and ecological attention, to reduce as much as possible the impact that our actions have on the environment and consequently our consumption.

If you are getting ready for a colder winter to counteract the expensive bills, take into account some small tricks that can help you optimize consumption, avoiding waste and maintaining heat in your home.

Have you ever thought of a rug as an alternative?

Rugs are not just simple furnishing accessories to embellish and personalize your rooms, but they are excellent insulators, ideal for retaining heat at no additional cost.

Haven't we convinced you? Here you are some rugs characteristics that make them the ideal choice:

1. Excellent Isolation

The rug is an excellent insulating material, a perfect barrier between the cold of the floor and the warmth of the environment. It does not heat, but it helps keep the warmth by decreasing heat loss. Quality rugs are made of fibers that have a low heat conduction rate, such as wool. This leads to less need to use heaters and more energy savings.

It is estimated that the use of rugs can reduce heat loss by up to 20%.

2. Heat under the feet

Is it better to walk barefoot on a wool carpet or on a cold floor?

Precisely because it does not transfer energy like heat, the rug will always be warm under your feet and to the touch, even in winter. There will be no need to raise the temperature of the radiators to feel warm and energy savings are guaranteed.

3. Experience to live

The warmth of an environment is not only felt, but also perceived. Colors, scents, textures can warm up a room and make it even more cozy.

Put a rug in your living room, leave it for about 20 days and then remove it. You will immediately notice that the perception of the environment changes completely. The atmosphere will be colder.

The choice of materials themselves can also make a difference. Wool rugs are generally warmer, but also softer and more sustainable.

Choose quality fibers, dare with colors, play with shapes, free your personality and enhance your rooms with ecological choices that reduce consumption and have less impact on the environment. A small step towards a greener world.

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