What lies Ahead

by Francesca Vizzari

Cover_What Lies Ahead

The trends for 2023: from spring to winter a riot of fantasy, maximalism returns to our homes. Maximalism. I’d add Neoclassical pop. 

Maximalism. I’d add Neoclassical pop. 
Every year Pinterest, through its algorithms, manages to capture the dreams, the desires and the curiosity of its audience. A sort of fashion anticipated by contamination. 
Search engines should report what is already in fashion, the trend, but the rhythm in which fashion and interior, photography and food are mixed, makes the contamination, in fact, a new trend.

Fashion is cyclical and after a recent past of minimalism and cleanliness, colors, fluid shapes and patterns in fabrics have returned. In a moment we are catapulted into new unexpected sceneries. 
Designers couldn’t wait to have fun again and the story that can be told of a house and its inhabitants through the inclusion of a multitude of objects is really something incredible.
The painting of the beloved artist, a chandelier inherited from an aunt, the antique armchair that we previously disdained. 
Intense colors on the walls, contrasting lacquered doors and multicolored carpets. 
Pillows, curtains, candlesticks. 
A lot, everything. 

Obviously the more elements there are to be inserted and the more delicate the matter becomes, the risk of making mistakes is very high, we have already said this before. In this case an instinctive good taste is necessary. 
One of my mantras is: "Many beautiful objects do not make a beautiful environment". 
So, how can we extricate ourselves from maximalism? 
With a certain cunning; patterned walls with rich and colorful wallpaper? In contrast I would put an object in solid color. 
In love lighter walls with a touch of pearl grey? Indulge with richly gilded frames and mirrors. 
Crazy for houndstooth and squares? Alternate sizes and gradations, always interspersed with full and deep united colors. 

The richness, the elaboration can stay in the objects skilfully mixed together, as well as in walls of color in a game of cards to be cut and placed each side, up to the ceiling. 
You may be more confused than ever right now, but that is where the appeal of this upside bet lies. 
I’ll try to help you with the mood designed for SIT-IN: 
on the walls - Farrow & Ball wallpaper, Lotus design (fantasy and sinuosity) 
floor - Cloe rug in the variant Teal edged in contrast (full color but shiny) 
furnishing accessories - coffee tables black & white Chap by Miniforms (the matt material) 
Table light - Nesso by Artemide (inserting a vintage icon is always a good idea) 
Wall lights - Applique by Servomuto (fabric and trimmings as per tradition) 
Do you feel the order in the confusion? 
Beauty in the chaos? 
The road is long but I hope to have distributed the first seeds. A starting point? 
A new rug by SIT-IN, do you know that you can choose the edging among many colors?




Francesca Vizzari for Sit-In.

Interior Designer and Stylist specialised in colour design and the chromatic harmony of environments.
Born in Brescia, she works locally and nationally, and for some years now has been creating a format dedicated to remote projects. Happy Home To You.
An 'almost' total white house.
A lazy workaholic and creative pragmatist, this is how she defines the oxymorons of her life. She designs, plans and writes.